New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Renumber List

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Over the years, the MTA has renumbered fleets to accomodate acquisitions, or to move fleet numbers around to make room for a new bus orders. This is a comprehensive guide to the vehicles that have been renumbered over the years.

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The Grumman 870 Renumbering (NYC Transit/NJ Transit)

On February 7th, 1984, the NYCTA ordered all of the 1980 Grumman Model 40102-6-1 "870" ADBs out of service. After going back and forth in court and the MTA ultimately having to pay money back to the Federal Government, Grumman agreed to buy the buses back. Grumman refurbished the buses and resold them at extremely cheap prices. New Jersey Transit bought 120 of them and recognizing a great deal, bought 500 more of them. These 620 buses performed very well and the last of them were retired in 2001. Here is a list of the buses that were sold to NJ Transit with thier new numbers as well as original numbers.

The GM Blitz Renumbering (NYC Transit)

Between 1984-86, the MTA sent out various 1967 GM TDH-5303, 1968-71 GM T6H-5305A, 1972-73 GM T6H-5309A and 1972-73 GM T6H-5310As to Blitz Bus & Truck for remanufacturing. As a result, they all returned wearing new fleet numbers.

The Flxible & GM New Look Renumbering (NYC Transit)

In the same period as the Blitz Remans, the NYCTA began renumbering Flxible & GM non-remanufactured New Looks to make room for incoming GM RTS orders. Here is a list of those buses showing their new numberes as well as their original numbers.

The 1981-82 RTS Remanufacturing Program (NYC Transit)

In the Late 90s, the New York City Transit Authority was seeking ways to minimize the cost of bus replacements. The NYCTA started a program of remanufacturing 1981 and 1982 GMC RTS-04s. The program saw the remanufacturing of 110 buses, 50 of which was remanufactured by the NYCTA's own Central Maintenance Facilities and the other 60 was remanufactured by Midwest Bus of Owosso, MI. The program was slated for more than 110 buses but when the TA realized they saw no real savings in rebuilding buses over buying new ones, the program was discontinued. These remanufactured buses lasted until 2004, when the incoming Orion 07.501 CNGs and Hybrids replaced them.

The NYCDOT Franchised Take-Over Renumbering (MTA Bus Company)

MTA Bus Company was established in late 2004 to take over privately operated bus routes operated under contract to the New York City Department of Transportation. The routes were taken over on a staggered schedule, beginning with Liberty Lines Express in January 2005 and ending with Triboro Coach Corp. in February 2006. As a result, all of the buses absorbed by the MTA were renumbered in and around the current MTA-New York City Bus numbering system.

The Nassau County Renumbering (Long Island Bus)

In March 2009, the entire MTA-Long Island Bus fleet was renumbered in and around the current MTA-New York City Bus and MTA Bus Company fleet, thus sealing the deal on the MTA Regional Bus Operation. Below are links to each fleet of buses with the new and original numbers.

The Bee-Line Renumbering (MTA Bus Company)

In the Summer of 2009, the MTA purchased 84 Orion buses being retired by the Westchester County Bee-Line Bus System. These buses were purchased for the MTA Bus Company operation to retire out older buses and even some buses of the same age that are currently in not the best condition. Also some of these buses will assist in a fleet shortage at some garages. Below are links to the fleet of buses with the new and original numbers.