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Chicago Transit Authority, also known as CTA, is the operator of mass transit within the City of Chicago, Illinois. It is the second largest transit system in the United States and fourth largest in North America. The Chicago Transit Authority offers bus and rapid transit routes throughout the city, as well as to some suburban destinations.

This is a comprehensive guide to the vehicles currently in passenger service with the CTA.

Bus Fleet

Year Model Photo Length Engine Transmission/Drive System Fleet Number Fleet Notes

New Flyer Industries

2006 DE40LF Hybrid-Electric Low Floor CTA NFI 807.jpg 40 Ft. Cummins EPA 07 ISL GM-Allison Hybrid EP 40 System™ 800-809
  • 10 Units In Service.
2006-07 D40LF Low Floor CTA NFI 1012.jpg 40 Ft. Cummins EPA 07 ISM ZF ECOMAT-2 HP-592C 1000-1629
  • 1,030 Units In Service.
  • Buses #1630 and higher features T-12 LED Interior Lighting.
  • Some buses feature the Litelogic Evolution LED Advertisement Display.
2007-08 Cummins EPA 07 ISL ZF ECOMAT-4 HP-594C 1630-1929
2008-09 Allison B-400R WTEC 1930-2029
2007 DE40LF Hybrid-Electric Low Floor CTA NFI 902.jpg 40 Ft. Cummins EPA 07 ISB ISE ThunderVolt-Siemens ELFA™ Hybrid Drive System 900-909
  • 10 Units In Service.
2008-09 DE60LF Hybrid-Electric Low Floor Articulated CTA NFI 4015.jpg 60 Ft. Cummins EPA 07 ISL GM-Allison Hybrid EP 50 System™ 4000-4207
  • 208 Units In Service.

North American Bus Industries

(NABI, Optima & Blue Bird)
2006-07 Optima Opus Low Floor CTA Optima 544.jpg 30 Ft. Cummins EPA 07 ISB Allison B-400R WTEC 500-544
  • 45 Units In Service.

NovaBUS Corporation

2000-02 Model TL-40102A (LFS) Low Floor CTA Nova 6772.jpg 40 Ft. Cummins ISC ZF ECOMAT-2 HP-592C 6400-6883
  • 479 Units In Service.

Rail Fleet

Year Model Photo Length Traction Motors Fleet Number Fleet Notes


1976-78 2400 Series "L" Cars CTA Boeing 2426.jpg 48 Ft. GE 1250K1 Traction Motors 2401-2600
  • 198 Units In Service.
  • Cars #2423-2424 were converted to Work Motors.
  • All cars were rehabbed by Skokie Shops between 1987 and 1995.

Bombardier Transportation

2009-11 5000 Series "L" Cars CTA Bombardier 5001.jpg 48 Ft. Bombardier MITRAC Propulsion System 5001-5406
  • 8 Units In Testing (406 Units On Order).

Budd Company/Transit America

1969-70 2200 Series "L" Cars CTA Budd 2329.jpg 48 Ft. GE 1250K1 Traction Motors 2201-2306, 2309-2352
  • 142 Units In Service.
  • Due to the blinker doors on this series of cars, they can not accommodate a wheelchair. They must be trainlined with at least one 2600-series car in order to meet ADA compliance.
  • Car #2316 was renumbered #2352 and paired with Car #2351 (Originally #2307) after mate was authorized for retirement after involvment in an accident.
  • Cars #2341 was converted to a training car.
  • All cars were rehabbed by New York Rail Car between 1990 and 1992.
1981-87 2600 Series "L" Cars CTA Budd 3153.jpg 48 Ft. GE 1262A1 Traction Motors 2601-3200
  • 598 Units In Service.
  • All cars were rehabbed rebuilt by Alstom between 1999 and 2002.

Morrison-Knudsen Corporation

1992-94 3200 Series "L" Cars CTA Morrison 3433.jpg 48 Ft. GE 1262A4 Traction Motors 3201-3458
  • 258 Units In Service.
  • Cars #3441-3456 were originally delivered with pantographs for the "Skokie Swift" Yellow line, but have since had all the Pantographs removed due to conversion to 3rd rail on the Yellow line. These cars are still equipped with roofboards and some ancillary equipment.