Westchester County Retrofitting Buses with Two-Position Bicycle Racks


Westchester County, New York, is retrofitting 247 buses with Byk-Rak’s two-position bike racks to make it easier for riders to stow their bikes while riding the bus.

The racks accommodate standard-tire bicycles, from adult-sized bikes down to smaller bikes, such as a children’s size with 16-inch wheels.

Westchester County chose racks with lift-assist technology, which has special springs that allow the bicyclist passenger to pull the rack down more easily and slowly. This aids in accessibility. The transit agency also opted for deployment sensors on their racks for additional safety. This technology alerts the driver when the rack is down and not stowed.

Byk-Rak says these securely hold bikes in place, are lightweight and easily raise and lower with one hand. Riders can load their bicycles from either curbside or the front of the rack. Each rack carries 250 lbs. of static weight and supports bicycles up to 55 lbs. in each rail while the bus is in motion.


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