NJ Transit to service stops from discontinued A&C #4 line in Jersey City

When A&C Bus, also known as the Montgomery & Westside IBOA, canceled the No. 4 bus route in Jersey City back in March, it left riders searching for alternative transportation options, some even started taking taxis and Ubers. Those problems have come to an end after New Jersey Transit (NJT) announced it will begin re-routing its No. 1 bus route to provide service to some residents affected by the March 2 termination of A&C’s No. 4 line.

Beginning on June 22, the No. 1 route will be rerouted to serve the discontinued A&C No. 4 bus stops along Communipaw and Pacific Avenues. The current No. 1 line makes stops at Exchange Place, Communipaw Avenue at Grand Street, the Journal Square Transportation Center, and at Communipaw and Mallory Avenues. The original No. 4 line ran for approximately seven miles from Merritt Street near the Bayonne border to Newport Centre Mall, giving riders a connection from the Greenville and Bergen-Lafayette neighborhoods directly to Downtown Jersey City.


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