M14 Select Bus Service Launches on 14th Street

If you ride an M14 bus, you’ve likely experienced a longer than expected wait times at your stop, a longer than expected trip once you’re on the bus, buses that arrive in bunches and off-schedule, or some combination of the three. During the busiest travel times, M14 A/D buses spend about 60% of their trips stopped at bus stops or in traffic.

On July 1, 2019, in coordination with the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), New York City Transit (NYCT) will launch their plan to fix these issues and keep buses moving. NYCT brings their Bus Rapid Transit Service called Select Bus Service (SBS) to the M14 A/D lines. SBS riders are required to pay their fare at a machine before boarding and bring their receipt on board. Commuters are allowed to board at any door of the bus. The routes also boast a reduction of 16 stops in an effort to speed up service.

SBS is a package of improvements designed to target and correct the circumstances that slow down buses and make service unreliable. Citywide, customers are more satisfied with their SBS bus than their local or limited (LTD) bus.


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