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Welcome to transiTALK's TransitWiki

transiTALK or TTMG is a web-based group dedicated to providing transportation hobbyist with the best possible on-line media entertainment.

This is a wikipedia-style on-line encyclopedia of mass transportation information including fleet rosters. We invite you to look around at the rosters, snoop through the Manufacturer Primers and get informed. Welcome Aboard!

We do ask that if you see any incorrect information that you contact us immediately so that we can correct it, however we will verify all information passed to us for accuracy as well. We don't not want any misinformation posted here and all wikis will be monitored for accuracy.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at tlogan@ttmg.org.

NOTICE: By reading the wikis posted here, you have fully read the TTMG Disclaimer.

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