MTA Bus Operations Renumbering - 2002 Motor Coach Industries D4500

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The renumbering of the former New York Bus Service D4500 units (#7423-7428) came as the result of the MTA exercising an option order on the incoming 2015 New Flyer XD40 units. (#7090-7482) The option order which calls for 72 buses, extended the fleet numbers from #7410 to #7482, thus causing the conflict. To solve this, the D4500 units were renumbered into the 2900-Series, the fleet number range assigned to them, when they were first ordered by the MTA. While in the original range, the D4500s do not have the same exact fleet numbers.

Images New Fleet No. Original Fleet No.
Before Renumbering

Trevor Logan, Jr. Photo Curtis A. Roach Photo Curtis A. Roach Photo

After Renumbering

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#2929 #7423
#2930 #7424
#2925 #7425
#2926 #7426
#2927 #7427
#2928 #7428