MTA nears completion of OMNY roll out

OMNY, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) new fare payment system, remains on pace for completion by the end of the year, with the system recently recording its 30 millionth tap.

Some 458 subway stations of the system’s 472 stations are now OMNY enabled as of last week, with all stations along the G and R subway lines now complete. 

“OMNY is just about everywhere,” said OMNY Executive Al Putre. “We’ve moved with incredible speed and precision despite the pandemic and in the coming weeks, first in the subways, and then on buses, anyone riding with NYC Transit will be able to pay their fare with OMNY. No more failed MetroCard swipes. Just tap and go. We are rapidly approaching completion of the rollout across subway stations and buses, while simultaneously moving forward with the next major phases of this project that will provide customers with a world-class, modernized approach to paying their fare.”

Payments with OMNY now account for 10 percent of the overall market share in the system at OMNY-enabled stations. More than 10,000 OMNY readers have been installed at subway stations and on buses throughout the New York City Transit (NYCT) system. Most of the recent reader installations have been in Brooklyn and Queens, with all stations in the Rockaways now complete.

Customers can see the stations and buses where OMNY has been activated at the OMNY website. Additional fare products are scheduled to become available in 2021, after the activation of OMNY across the entire NYCT system.


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